Laundry Service for Lincoln, NE

Laundry Services for Lincoln, Nebraska

The home of the University of Nebraska, and the state's capital city, Lincoln is a thriving midwestern city. With so much going on here, it can be a challenge to manage all the chores of a typical household. That is where Laundry Bins comes it.

Laundry Bins offers fast and convenient laundry services in Lincoln, Nebraska. Take advantage of guaranteed clean clothes, same-day turnarounds, free pickups and deliveries, and a monthly membership plan that requires no long-term commitment.

Sign up for an account online or call us at (877) 722 2209, and never worry about your laundry again.

Schedule free home pickup and delivery for same-day laundry service to such wonderful neighborhoods as:

So, whether you need more time to visit attractions like Sunken Gardens or the Lincoln Children's Zoo, or you'd just like to spend your weekends relaxing at home rather than doing laundry, let us help.

Laundry Services in Lincoln, Nebraska

The average American family has around 50 lbs. of laundry to worry about each week. That translates to 7.4 loads. With each wash taking a minimum of 30 minutes, that means the average household spends as long as 222 minutes every week just doing the laundry.

Those who live by themselves don’t have it any easier. Whether you’re using your own machine at home or regularly visiting the neighborhood laundromat, doing your own laundry can easily take valuable time out of a busy week.

Imagine the things you can do if you’re free from your laundry responsibilities.

Laundry Bins can make it possible with our quick and convenient laundry pickup and delivery services. They’re designed to save you the most time and hassle while also guaranteeing that your clothes are always clean.

You can choose from the following services:

  • Laundry Service

Spare yourself the hassle of doing your laundry. We professionally wash and carefully handle your clothes so you don’t have to worry about your laundry piling up.

  • Laundry and Pickup Service

We simplify washing, drying, and folding your clothes. Our staff will pick up your laundry and drop them off, clean and fresh, at an agreed upon schedule.

  • Free Pickup and Delivery Service

With reliable laundry pickup and delivery in Lincoln, NE, your life can become significantly simpler and stress-free! We aim to provide a service that saves you valuable time and money.

  • Wash and Fold

With our efficient wash and fold service, you can rest assured that we take extra care when cleaning and folding your garments.

  • Schedule Laundry Pick Up

Have your laundry picked up and washed with no fuss. Contact us so our staff can come to your location. We offer laundry pickup and delivery in Lincoln, NE, but you can check out our other service areas here.

Drop Off/Pickup Locations

We offer FREE home pickup and delivery, but if you would prefer to drop off your laundry at one of our Starcrest Cleaners locations, click on the button below to get directions to the location nearest you.

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